About Us

Providing out of this world grinding, storage and preparation tools.

Alientech was formed to provide high quality products to the community on planet Earth.

We felt a need to help earthlings. From our assessment they seem to be supressed with inferior disposable tools, compared to our advanced race.
We will be dropping more and more high-tech innovative products to help your experiences.
All our products are lab tested on planet Earth to ensure compliance with your atmosphere and energy systems.
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Helping you to feel good with every smoke

What we provide

Alien Tech was started with one thing and only one thing in mind, extracting the best quality out of your herbs which provides you with the perfect herbal experience. Our high quality grinders are made with high quality aluminium metals which help the herbs pass through like clouds (no pun intended)

The higher the extraction the better your smoke experience will be. And we have made it our utmost responsibility to give you the best possible herb extraction as possible.

Features of Our Products